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Jamaica Plain Regan Youth League - 50 years! 1969-2019

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Regan Youth League is to provide boys and girls of Jamaica Plain and surrounding communities with the opportunity to play organized baseball and softball in an open, safe, and friendly environment.

The league aspires to foster the discipline and fun that are part of learning a challenging team sport, to encourage a spirit of community among participants from diverse backgrounds who practice and play together, and to promote good sportsmanship and respect for teammates, opponents, coaches, umpires, and the great games of baseball and softball.

The Regan Youth League expects that all coaches, players, and parents subscribe to the following operating principles:

- Healthy competition is to be encouraged, but never at the expense of responsible behavior. Good sportsmanship is always more important than the final score.
- All players, regardless of their prior experience or apparent talent, will have their fair share of time and attention for developing and practicing their baseball and softball skills. Likewise, all players will be offered ample opportunity to demonstrate their skill during scheduled games, including the opportunity to play as many different positions in the field as is reasonably possible. After due consideration of all relevant factors, equal effort will be rewarded with equal playing time; at a minimum all players are entitled to play at least one half of each scheduled game in which they appear.
- The league encourages coaches, teammates, parents and fans to enthusiastically support their team during scheduled games. Such support should never come at the expense of other participants on the field. Disparaging, rude, or intolerant comments or behavior directed at players, coaches, umpires, or League officials will be actively discouraged, and if unchecked, will become grounds for expulsion from a scheduled game or, after consideration among League officials, suspension or expulsion from the League.
- All players and their parents or guardians should be aware that the League relies entirely upon volunteers.

To function effectively, the league needs and expects the active participation of parents and guardians.
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